What’s Reason Behind The Utter Popularity Of Swedish Snus?

What’s Reason Behind The Utter Popularity Of Swedish Snus?

The use of tobacco is done for ages, and people cannot give up on it easily. The usage of snus has become strangely very popular among people who can’t give up on tobacco. Snus sale is illegal among Europe’s cities, and manufacturing is not allowed to sell freely, and strict actions can be taken against it.

Even though snus is illegal, the snus’ popularity is on the rise, so we are here taking a look behind the increasing popularity. If you are eager to understand why Swedish snus is on top-selling things around the world.

Why Swedish snus so popular?

The moist Swedish snus is manufactured in Sweden, in Norway along with the united states. People have given up on cigarettes or other tobacco products instead of using Swedish snus. Let us have a closer look at the aspect of grasping it better.

  • Quality standards: the quality provided in Swedish snus is unmatchable in terms of quality, where they provide more quality and minimal hazardous. In contrast with other smokeless tobacco products that have poor quality and additional sweeteners, Swedish snus especially focus on superior quality products from nature. Gothiathek standard is the quality snus standard were industry standard for a good amount of substances like metals, aldehydes, nitrosamines, and mycotoxins in the snus manufactured in Sweden.
  • Safety standards: Swedish snus is steam pasteurized, not fermented like other types of smokeless tobacco. Snus has a lesser risk of lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, and oral cancer due to non-containment of tobacco-specific nitrosamines that are found in other smokeless tobacco products. The process of tobacco inhibits the growth of microbes that creates cancer-causing chemical; however, due to the superior quality provided, there is no such risk of cancer as high in other tobacco products. No harmful combustion occurs that cigarettes do and making it a better substitute for people who cannot leave tobacco.
  • Effective smoking termination method: Swedish snus popularity has hit on top due to several reasons, but the top one remains a safe and better alternative of nicotine alternatives. People who cannot give up on smokeless tobacco products that are harmful to you and put you at a higher risk of getting different cancers.
  • Variety of flavors: users don’t get variety into other smokeless products, and users are restricted on the options. Swedish snus is provided into a huge variety of the flavors in which it is provided to you. With the increasing brand popularity variety of snus is increasing with richen flavors to make it easy for users to choose. Snus brands such as Mocca, caliber, Siberia, Lyft that is sold by the online store, snusdirect. Flavors such as berry, coffee, mint, eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon, honey, lemon, lime, fruit, and vanilla.


In conclusion, we can conclude to the aspect that the reasons behind the popularity are a convenience that tobacco users have, which is not provided in other smokeless products. In addition, people who are struggling hard to give up on the tobacco products and want to get safer alternative will find Swedish snus ideal.